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College artist-in-residence

Reinventing Cello for the 21st Century
An electrifying Artist-in-Residence program
with cello innovator Gideon Freudmann

Gideon Freudmann is a n enthusiastic teacher, performer,and a cello pioneer. His dynamic sense of humor, classical technique, and groundbreaking methods of cello composition inspire creativity and enthusiasm that transforms and inspires students.

Freudmann's residency will:

* boost the desire to improve basic technical skill
* open the mind to the cello's limitless possibilities
* present non-classical career options
* reinvigorate the drive to practice
* awaken the spirit of improvisation
* introduce musicians to the world of technology

Gideon invites his students to dive into CelloBop and enjoy the freedom of his unique form. He inspires his students with his Performance. Then they participate in a hands-on Master Class to build basic improvisational skills. Finally, students integrate that knowledge in a fast-paced talk-back style Workshop.

Freudmann's Syllabus

The Performance
Freudmann's play list includes selections from his four CD's interspersed with his current works-in-progress.

The Master Class
The Power of Improv
Tone Production
Harmony Building
Chord Progressions
Bass lines
Bowing Variations

Scaling the Walls
The ABC's of Jazz charts
Basic Blues
Sounds Weird/Weird Sounds

Classic Encounters
Phrasing- Isn't it 'Romantic'?
Modern use of Ostinatos
Old Instrument, New Music
Integrating Classics
The Workshop

Electronics for cellists
Tech-talk on the tools of the trade
Electronic techniques for the Recording Studio
Analog vs. digital recording
Multi-trackings miking techniques

Electronics and Live Performance
Digital delays reverb looping

Electrifying the cello
Pick-ups amps miking the electric cello

Professional Survival Skills
Making the Most of Alternative Performance Venues
on the Road
Breaking into the Business
Recording a CD

K-12 Programs

Gideon Freudmann is on the rosters of Young Audiences chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon/SW Washington.

He has inspired young musicians, future musicians and their teachers across the country with his accessible style and informative presentation. In addition to leading improvisation workshops and conducting his own original string ensembles, he offers two assembly programs: CelloBop and Sound Science.

CelloBop is a whirlwind 500 year history of the cello - it's past present and future. Gideon plays excerpts from various periods of the cello repertoire intermixed with explanations about the cello's construction and tone. He demonstrates how the conventional acoustic instrument is played and also plugs in his futuristic electric cello and shows students how it can be used to create an even wider range of sounds and lends itself to many other styles of music. Gideon's program, CelloBop, includes some classical, blues, swing, jazz, rock and bluegrass as well as spontaneous improvised music.

Sound Science is a fun and enlightening examination of where art and science meet. Demonstrating the tonal qualities of the acoustic and electric cellos, Gideon clearly explains the mathematical aspects of music such as how music is divided into beats, measures and phrases, and the acoustic qualities including sound vibrations, pitch and timbre. Using the electric cello and real-time digital effects, he shows how notes can be echoed, repeated, distorted and augmented in many exciting and unexpected ways.

Please contact your state's Young Audience chapter to schedule a performance.

Massachusetts -
Connecticut -
Oregon/SW Washington -

If you live in another state and wish to schedule a performance, please
Contact Gideon for complete details.



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