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Press Kit

The best word to describe Gideon Freudmann’s singular style comes from the name the artist uses for his performances and recordings: CelloBop. Using the electric cello for improvisational classical, blues, jazz, electronic, funk and folk music, Gideon imaginatively riffs on conventions and traditions. He loops and layers his sounds with pedals and amplifiers, sculpting orchestras out of thin air.

Gideon’s music is spontaneous yet immediately accessible -- so it is no wonder that film, television and radio producers seek it out. He regularly contributes to NPR’s All Things Considered, This American Life and CarTalk; his work is featured on Good Morning America, the TV show Weeds, as well as in several films; and he plays solo and ensemble shows in Portland and around the world. At times atmospheric and oftentimes playful, Gideon’s signature sound always exists in its own unique dimension: nuanced, intricate and fun!

As a soloist Gideon uses technology to sample, loop and layer tracks in real time to create music that is passionate, complex, nuanced, creative and compelling. His 19 CDs of solo and collaborative work explore traditional combinations of acoustic instruments, as well as esoteric combinations involving sitar, shakuhachi, world percussion, ukulele and much more.

Pursuing his mission to make the cello hip, modern and fun, Gideon has been reaching an ever wider audience. He tours extensively and composes music for solo and small ensembles. Gideon’s notated compositions (mostly for three to eight cellos) are performed by groups around the world. His music is commissioned for film, television, theatre and dance. Gideon also composes and performs live soundtracks for classic silent films.

Gideon hails from New England where he performed, recorded, inspired and taught a new generation of aspiring cello players. In the mid-2000s he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he founded a jazz swing combo called Caravan Gogh. Gideon is also a founding member and contributing composer for the Portland Cello Project. In addition to work with those bands,
Gideon continues to perform as a soloist and to record soundtracks for various art performance projects.

Gideon started playing cello when he was eight. His father introduced him to classical music and, after hearing a cellist play at a concert, Gideon fell in love with the instrument. He played classical music but also had fun experimenting with sounds when he got bored. He had no idea that this tinkering could be musically useful, but his gift for playing with sounds eventually found expression in CelloBop. Gideon lives by a maxim he’s developed over the years: “If you love doing something, do it every day.”

Notable Licensing Deals
Chrysler (Car commercial)
Buck (Sundance film winner)
Weeds (hit TV show with multiple placements),
Bandaloop (vertical dance co)

Top Venues
Chautaqua (CO)
Peery's Egyptian Theatre (UT)
Coleman Theatre (OK)
Arlene Schnitzer Hall (OR)

Special Projects
Silent films
Film soundtracks
Composition for indie films
Cello Flash Mob
Elliott Smith tribute album
Documentaries about dentists, almond farmers...

"Denmark" video won numerous awards at film festivals worldwide


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