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buy Sasquatch


(2020, CD)

Gideon (cello, etc) and Lord Russ (vocal, guitar, etc). An album full of countless sonic delights that are melodic, psychedelic, rockin', poppin', effervescent and wistful.

Hear an excerpt from "Sasquatch":

buy Unravelling


(2017, CD, LP)

Gideon (cello, piano, percussion) teams up with Annalisa Tornfelt (vocal, violin, nyckelharpa, guitar) on this beautiful, cinematic album. CDs available right here.
LPs are available (while they last) at Jealous Butcher Records.

Hear “Midnight Moon”:

buy Magnetic West


Spring Breakup
(2017, EP)

Six Alaska themed songs written by Annalisa Tornfelt and Gideon on this Portland Cello Project EP, featuring cellos galore plus piano drums, trumpet, violin and Annalisa’s beautiful voice

Hear “Unraveling”:

buy Magnetic West


Freudmann & Oberlin- Magnetic West
(2015, CD)

Gideon Freudmann and Brian Oberlin's magnetic talents will attract acoustic folk lovers. A sprightly collection of cello and mandolin with vocals and flourishes of lap steel, banjo and percussion

Hear "Music For A Found Harmonium":

buy 3 Faces of Steve

Caravan Gogh - The 3 Faces of Steve
(Octagon'14, CD)

Caravan Gogh's 2nd CD is an eclectic 7 song EP including blues, a waltz, a reinterpretation of an 18th century classical guitar piece, a tune by The Lovin' Spoonful & some unclassifiable originals.
EP price only $10

Hear the title track:

buy rain monsters


Rain Monsters
(Octagon'12, CD)

Gideon pushes the electric cello further with adventurous soundscapes & driving rhythms and distortion. Lot's of drums, sitar & other fun sonic candy. Includes the award winning "Denmark" & plaintive "Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof".

Hear excerpt from the track, "Love":

buy cello shots


Cello Shots
(Octagon '11, CD)

The long overdue CelloBop compilation includes a mix of instrumental cuts from several CDs,
plus Joesnob, a previously unreleased track.

Hear excerpt from the track "Joesnob":

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buy BROQUE- 7 in the Afternoon CD


BROQUE: 7 in the Afternoon
(Octagon '11, CD)

Gideon Freudmann and Mark Herschler return with their intricately meshed, and mesmerizingly beautiful cello and guitar instrumentals.
Soulful and skilful music.

Hear an excerpt from the track "Romanza":

buy Sonic Surf


Sonic Surf
(Octagon '08, CD)

The electric and acoustic cello trade tracks, finding that perfect balance of funky, sparse, edgy, lulling and mind-bending. Never a dull moment. This is a really good one. You should buy it!

Play the title track:

buy Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
(Octagon '08, DVD)

The original 1919 German Expressionist masterpiece of silent cinema, blended with Gideon's original soundtrack featuring electric cello, drums, percussion and accordion.

Sample with original score:

buy 'Caravan Gogh'


Caravan Gogh
(Go-Gogh Music '07, CD)

Gideon's hip post-modern string band (cello, ukulele, mandolin and bass), blending swing, funk, jazz and mysterioso. Energetic and beautiful original songs ranging from gypsy waltzes and calypso inspired dance tunes to serene soundscapes.

Hear excerpt from the track "City Life":

buy 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
(Octagon'06, CD)

Original soundtrack for the classic 1919 German Expressionist silent film. Incorporating classical, jazz, folk, and world music, this CD features an amazing range of styles and moods, with electric cello, percussion and accordion.

Hear an excerpt from "The Circle Is Closing In":

buy 'Ghost in the Attic'


Ghost in the Attic
(Octagon'05, CD)

Gideon and guitarist Mark Herschler combine flamenco, blues and inspired improvisations with classical chestnuts by Tarrega and Bach.
"In one era and out the other".

Hear excerpt from the track "Invention 11":

buy 'Ukrainian Pajama Party'


Ukrainian Pajama Party
(Gadfly Records '01, CD)

Mostly instrumental CD, with cello, guitar, steel drums, mandolin and fiddle. A sparkling batch of varied tunes including Japanese Car (heard on "Car Talk")

Hear excerpt from the track "Brannock Device":

buy 'Hologram Crackers'


Hologram Crackers
(Gadfly Records '99, CD)

Instrumental album for solo cello. Funky, lush, bluesy, boppin', multi-layered electric cello extravaganza. Includes Robin Hood Changes His Oil. (An NPR fave)

Hear the track "Back Porch":

buy 'Cello Tales'


(Octagon '04, CD)

This Parents Choice Gold award-winning Children's album teams up Gideon with storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds. He provides a sonic backdrop as she tells tales of magic cranes, accepting spooky dares, and the perils of getting what you wish for.

Hear an excerpt from the track "Suki":

buy 'Adobe Doghouse'


Adobe Dog House
(Gadfly Records '97, CD)

Freudmann's blend of superior musicianship and skillful arranging stirs the listener. These songs and instrumental compositions traverse the multicolored tapestry of human emotion with insight, humor and vulnerability. With cello, guitar, mandolin, piano and percussion, includes Tuscany and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Hear excerpt from the title track:

buy 'Dancing on my Hat'

BROQUE- Dancing On My Hat
(Octagon'02, CD)

Gideon is joined by Mark Herschler on classical acoustic guitar for 16 masterful instrumentals composed by themselves and by J.S. Bach.
Out of Stock
buy 'Banking Left' Banking Left
(Gadfly Records '95, CD & cassette)

Freudmann's toe-tapping tribute to blues, folk, and rock n roll cuts loose with zany comic lyrics and a distinctly light-hearted sound. His pop sensibilities collide with classicism in a groove that's uniquely CelloBop. Psychedelic, Beatlesque, classical-avante-blues.
Out of stock
buy 'Sound of Distant Deer' Sound of Distant Deer
(Gadfly Records '98, CD)

An extraordinary blend of divergant styles- ancient zen tunes, modern classical pieces and bluesy, funky tunes-All duets for cello and shakuhachi (japanese flute, played by Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin).
Out of Stock
buy 'Cellobotomy'

(Gadfly Records '95, CD)

Featuring cello-laden, vivid instrumental excursions into steel drum, guitar, and percussion. The soundtrack to your surreal dream.
Out of Stock

buy 'Holiday Clocks' Holiday Clocks - More Batteries
(Octagon'01, CD)
$20 for 2-CD set.
From Gideon's former duo "Holiday Clocks", with Peter Cummings on guitar. Includes their self-titled debut album (long out of print) plus a collection of 27 never released tunes. Bizarre, charming and occasionally just plain weird.
Out of Stock

buy 'Fellini's Martini' Fellini's Martini 
(CelloBop'93, CD)

Fusing the grace of cello with the spirit of a back-up band, Freudmann skillfully integrates full-bodied jam sessions with playful lead vocals. This winning ensemble is a high-energy blend of comedy, percussion, and good clean fun.
Out of Stock