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January 2018

Hello and Happy New Year!
It’s always nice to get a fresh start. Mose Allison said, when asked how he felt after a performance, ”It’s always great to have a another chance to get it right”. To my ears he got it right time and again, but his blend of talent, perseverance, originality, humor and tireless pursuit of excellence are inspiring beyond words.
Two Very Different Shows

- CelloBop in Corvallis, OR on Jan 27th

On Saturday January 27th, I return to the beautiful Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, OR. Tickets are going fast but some still remain. I have a some new tunes and a surprise guest (and a fancy new necktie). I love this venue and the town.
The concert is all ages and begins at 7:30pm

- Gideon and Annalisa in Portland on Feb 4th

On Sunday February 4th, I will play in southeast Portland at the Doverlaff House Concert with Annalisa Tornfelt. To reserve a seat, email
This cozy space will fill up fast. Annalisa and I just made a beautiful CD together called Unraveling. The Tornfelt Sisters will join us adding some sweet harmonies.

Unraveling - New Album  

In case you missed all the hype over the past few months, the new CD, Unraveling, is here and ready for for your listening pleasure. It's a mix of instrumentals (cello, violin, piano, guitar, stroh, nyckelharpa, percussion) and songs featuring Annalisa's beautiful voice. You can order your very own copy here:


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast to all of us who endured a most acrimonious political year and hope for more harmony in 2018.


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